Love capsule: I know about my wife’s extramarital affair, but I love her too much to rock the boat, 2022

Love capsule: It was the summer of 2012 when Ashni and I finally got married. After dating each other for almost five years, I proposed to her in the most romantic way possible. Ours was a love marriage that had been blessed by all our family members and nothing made me happier than to marry the love of my life in the grandest way possible. She has been everything I have ever wished for. But little did I know, the poison of our time apart would slowly seep into our blissful marriage.


Everyone loves Ashni. She is the star of our family. Starting from my mother to my relatives, everybody admires her as the adorable…bahu who has brought some much-needed happiness into our lives. She is extremely caring, and empathetic and is always up for trying new things. I was struggling in my job when I met Ashni; her motivation and inspiring personality changed me for the better. I took up more opportunities and finally landed a great job with amazing pay. The only downside to this is that my entire day goes into my work. The first two years of our marriage were nothing but truly romantic. We went on small trips and I took Ashni on dates to make up for the time I couldn’t spend with her. However, as time went by in my new job, I began digging in deeper, giving myself entirely to the success of the company. Love capsule

Love capsule: I know about my wife’s extramarital affair

Ashni was right there by my side, cheering me on. But with time, even I could feel the dissent and unhappiness that radiated from her. It’s true, I hardly gave her time or my energy because I was deeply engrossed in work. I loved her dearly but sometimes, when she complained that I don’t give her any time at all, it would irritate me. I have been working hard only so that I can provide for her and my family. Our fights gradually escalated and to diffuse the situation, I even planned trips but to both our dismay, we couldn’t go due to last minute work engagements. Love capsule

Things were getting heated between us as we began having frequent fights. I could realise my work was hindering our relationship but I was feeling bad why she wasn’t motivating me like before. She began being distant and cold with me. Love capsule

One day, my friend called me up and gave me a news which shocked me beyond belief. He said that Ashni had been seeing a guy quite often in a cafe. I was instantly intrigued because Ashni isn’t someone who will turn to someone else and leave our marriage just like this. However, I took my friend’s word and decided to see this for myself. I took a day off from my work and followed my wife one day. And that sight made me tear up. My wife was sitting in a cafe quite close to a guy and then they walked out hand-in-hand into a car. There I saw them hugging and exchanging a kiss. I was heartbroken, angry and furious. I just didn’t know what to think anymore! Love capsule

I went home in a rage to talk to her, but as I entered the door, I found her massaging my father’s ankles. That sight softened me. She was still the same Ashni but she probably didn’t love me anymore. This made me falter and I wondered if questioning her and confronting her about her infidelity may give her an excuse to leave me! And I can’t afford to lose such an amazing and gorgeous woman. The way she cares for my family is nothing short of responsible, mature and very empathetic. Love capsule

And me? I can’t lose her. It is alright if she has found someone else, but I won’t stop at winning her back. I will do everything to win her back, just the way she did. Love capsule

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