How smell of perfume will last for longer

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Many people complain that the smell of perfume does not last long. This can be caused by mistakes in the use of perfume and poor storage. Avoiding it can keep the smell of perfumes longer. Here are some common mistakes…

Fragrance is not overuse.

You do not have to use a lot of perfume to get the scent. Excessive use can cause bad breath and make others feel uncomfortable. Perfume should be applied on the armpits, back neck and hands and knees. Use should be in moderation.

Perfume after bath.

It is advisable to use perfume immediately after bathing, not before going anywhere. But the body needs to be wiped well and all the water is gone. This will help the fragrance to last longer.

Not on clothes, but on the body.

Although perfumes are supposed to be used on the body, there are many people who use them on clothes because they think that doing so will make the fragrance last longer. But this is wrong. Perfumes are more fragrant when they work with the body’s natural oils.

Liars can be avoided.

Fakes of many branded perfumes are available in the market. They are also widely sold online and in street vendors. Feel the same scent as the brand perfume. But their biggest drawback is that the fragrance disappears quickly. The skin may also feel uncomfortable. So be sure to choose good perfumes.

Perfume and lotion.

There are those who use perfumes after applying body lotions. If both the lotion and the perfume have different scents, the scent of the perfume will not last long.

Be careful.

If the perfume is stored in hot and humid places, it will lose its aroma. This is because the chemicals in the perfume lose their balance. Store perfume in a place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight. It can also be avoided if you have a habit of keeping it in the bathroom.

No massage.

There are those who think that after using the perfume, it should be heated by rubbing it by hand. But this is a misconception. This will only cause the fragrance to be lost.

These mistakes can be avoided; The smell of perfume will last a long time.

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