Your habits that cause hair loss; Listen.

Your habits that cause hair loss; Listen

There are many causes for hair loss. Sometimes our habits can also be the main cause of hair loss. Giving up such habits can make a difference in hair loss. So here are some habits to give up.

Do not touch the hair.

It is the habit of some to look at the hair from time to time. Wherever they look in the mirror, they style their hair. But a new study has found that fingering and touching the hair follicles can cause hair loss. This is because the dirt and bacteria on our hands get into our hair and scalp. So one or the other, clean your hands and style your hair. Or give up the habit.

Keep wet hair.

Do you have a habit of wetting your hair frequently? The habit of squeezing wet hair? Then beware. You are killing your hair. Hair is most vulnerable when wet. Therefore, after bathing, squeezing and drying the hair thoroughly and combing the hair that does not get wet can cause hair loss and breakage. It is best to allow damp hair to dry naturally.

When using the tortoise.

If you are using a thick turkey towel to dry your hair easily after bathing, put that habit aside for a while. Studies show that thinning hair increases the risk of hair breakage. Use a thin towel or cloth if possible.

Hair dryer.

For many, hair dryers are an easy way to dry their hair in the rush to go to the office or college. But, drying wet hair directly with a hair dryer will ruin the naturalness of the hair. The dryer should be used only after the water in the hair has drained.

When tying hair.

Boys and girls like to have long hair and long hair pulled back. However, it has been found that this type of pulling can cause hair loss. When pulled back, it increases the pressure on the hair follicles and causes the hair to grow backwards. This can lead to bruising and damage to the hair roots.

Pay attention to makeup.

Most people put makeup on their foreheads while brightening their face. But that makeup is often on the hair. These chemicals act on the scalp and cause hair loss. There is no doubt that overuse of hair sprays and hair dyes can also damage the hair.

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