Here Are 7 Dangerous Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Tea

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Side effects of drinking too much tea. Tea is an emotion, an emblem of affection, and the perfect companion for escaping every day tedium! Any tea fanatic will be capable to join to this passionate feedback and the way tea impacts them emotionally. For a tea fanatic, the one factor that by no means modifications on this world—from joys to sorrow—is their love of tea! It’s comprehensible that these statements may appear thrilling, however may your fondness for tea be harming your metabolism? It’s time to pause for a second and take into account the concept ingesting tea in extra could be unhealthy. 

Here are 7 Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Tea:

Sleep Disorders

Tea naturally accommodates caffeine, extreme consumption could disrupt your sleep cycle. If you too are affected by lack of sound sleep or insomnia then blame it in your real love Tea. The presence of caffeine in tea can merely take a toll in your sleep cycle. Caffeine interferes with the melatonin hormone, which impacts the sleep sample.

Increased Anxiety And (*7*)

Caffeine is a natural element of tea leaves. Overdosing on caffeine—whether it comes from tea or one other supply—can exacerbate emotions of pressure, anxiousness, and restlessness. And the easiest way to cope with such signs is simply by lowering tea consumption and changing common tea with the well-being variants like chamomile, white tea or inexperienced tea.

Heartburn And Discomfort

You incessantly really feel uneasy and uncomfortable after ingesting your favorite cup of tea, there isn’t any disputing that! Simply stated, heartburn, bloating, and unease are attributable to the caffeine in tea aggravating the event of acid within the abdomen. Moreover, it contributes to acid reflux disorder throughout the physique. Side effects of drinking too much tea.


Certain compounds in tea could trigger nausea, particularly when consumed in massive portions or on an empty abdomen. The dry, bitter taste of tea is introduced on by tannins present in tea leaves. Tannins’ astringent properties also can irritate digestive tissue, which can lead to unfavorable sensations like nausea or abdomen ache.


You will need to have been looking for a cup of tea within the anticipation that it might present the much-needed headache reduction. Regrettably, your complications could be introduced on by this unhealthy behavior of yours. Indeed, ingesting an excessive amount of tea or every other type of caffeine will not make you extra depending on it, however it’ll additionally make you are feeling uncomfortable and provide you with complications. Side effects of drinking too much tea.


Although it is a much less frequent hostile impact, feeling lightheaded or dizzy could also be the results of consuming an excessive amount of tea’s caffeine. It’s typically not suggested to drink that a lot of tea without delay. If you uncover that you simply incessantly really feel lightheaded after ingesting tea, select a spread with much less caffeine or communicate together with your physician. Side effects of drinking too much tea.

Pregnancy problems

Certainly, ingesting an excessive amount of tea throughout being pregnant could be unhealthy for each the mom and the kid. The danger of issues can improve with elevated espresso utilization. As an end result, selecting caffeine-free or natural tea throughout being pregnant is suggested to stop difficulties. Side effects of drinking too much tea.

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