Hyponatremia low sodium syndrome, what will happen?

Can drinking too much water cause death?

Hyponatremia low sodium. Everyone knows that drinking plenty of water every day is essential for good health. But too much water can harm the body.

Hyponatremia low sodium. There is something called water poisoning that happens when you drink too much water. Hyponatremia is a condition that affects the body. This is a condition in which the level of sodium in the blood drops abnormally. Sodium is an electrolyte. It helps to control the amount of water in our cells and around the cells.

When hyponatremia is caused by drinking water, the body’s sodium becomes too diluted. When this happens, the amount of water in the body rises. The cells begin to swell. This swelling can cause many health problems. From mild problems to life-threatening problems.

Sodium helps to normalize blood pressure, help nerves and muscles work, and regulate fluid balance. Normal blood sodium levels are between 135 and 145 mEq / L, while hyponatremia is when the blood sodium level drops below 135 mEq / L.

What causes hyponatremia?

  • Some medications, some painkillers, antidepressants, and diuretics can all affect hormones and kidney function. This can lead to poor sodium levels.
  • Heart, Kidney, and Liver – Dysfunction of the heart and certain diseases that affect the kidneys and liver can cause fluid to accumulate in the body. This reduces the amount of sodium in the body.
  • Dehydration – Severe vomiting and diarrhea can cause dehydration. It loses electrolytes like sodium from the body and increases the levels of Anti-diuretic hormones.
  • Drinking more water – Even if a person runs long distances, a lot of sodium is excreted through sweat. Also, suppose he drinks a lot of water. This will also dilute the level of sodium in the blood. Drinking too much water can lead to a decrease in sodium and further impairment of kidney function.
  • Hormonal changes – In addition to dysfunction of the adrenal glands, which produce hormones that help maintain the balance of sodium, potassium and water in the body, low levels of thyroid hormone can lead to low blood sodium levels.
  • Age – Some medications, changes in the body, and certain diseases can alter the body’s sodium balance as we age.
  • Athletes – Marathon runners who drink a lot of water and those who do high intensity activities are more likely to develop hyponatremia. It would be better for them to seek medical advice.

How much water can one drink?

According to the Mayo Clinic, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences in Engineering and Medicine, men can drink 15.5 cups of water a day, or 3.7 liters. Women can drink 11.5 cups or 2.7 liters of water a day.

It is a combination of drinking water and water available through food and other beverages.

About 20% of fluids per day come from food and the rest from beverages. Drink water when thirsty. Stop when the body says enough is enough. Pay attention to the body.

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