Have mental health problems. Dos these thoughts bother your mind? Then you need to know this.

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have mental health problems. Everyone else is a good person. I’m the only one who has failed. The only people who come to see a psychologist and crying.

Can we believe when we hear that people who seem to have achieved everything when others look at them have committed suicide? People of all ages and all walks of life can have mental health problems. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

Tension is unbearable, workload, depression – everyone is scared when they are asked to take a leave of absence until they are calm and even ask for help.

Most people think that I have a mental illness and that I would rather die than let others know. Therefore, the fact is that none of our workplaces or educational institutions give any importance to the inclusion of mentally ill people or the necessary support.

Have mental health problems.

Everything around me is perfect. The false notion that I am the only one who fails comes to mind and makes people self-deprecating, self-hating individuals. Examining the childhood of individuals who want self-worthless perfection, it can often be seen that from a very young age there are parents or close family members who want the most out of everything.

Have mental health problems

From an early age, it can be seen that there was a way in which the person was brought up in a situation where he was severely punished for even small things and was extremely self-deprecating.

As a child, the person may have expressed grief as a symptom of a physical illness. Sometimes it can show an introverted nature without too many friends. The exam and the interview may have been attended with great tension. It’s as simple as that. have mental health problems.

There are children who experience great pressure from their parents. Failure to value the child’s wishes or opinions can lead to a loss of strength to deal with problems in the future.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to studying, working and getting married. Many of us believe that getting marks in exams is the key to success in life. An individual’s success is often not considered to have the ability to cope with problems, emotional control, financial discipline, or have mental health problems.

Have mental health problems

We may sometimes think that working overtime is the hallmark of a good employee. The emphasis is on balancing work and personal life. It does not matter in the workplace.

Assuming that marriage is one hundred percent compatible and one hundred percent enduring without any problems, the opportunity to solve family problems is lost. Families blame each other and families become a place where no one gets peace. Is a Perfect Life Possible? Is it possible in some but possible in all things? Doesn’t see it as an opportunity to improve ourselves help us not to fall into depression? have mental health problems.

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