Travel to mysterious castle in the world, ghost castles?

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Travel to mysterious castle. Humans are eager to know and see what is frightening, no matter how forbidden. Some people love to accept fear and intimidation. There are many places in our country that are of interest to such people. There are also some castles that are haunted by ghost stories, traversing prisons and prisons full of skeletons.

Bran Castle, Romania

Bran Castle does not need an introduction. Also known as the Castle of Dracula, this place is associated with the famous horror character Vlad III Dracula or Vlad the Imper. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Dracula is the image of the castle. Dracula’s Palace is now a museum that fascinates tourists. Many people are ready to enter the fort only if they have good courage. Travel to mysterious castle

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Do you have the courage to climb ghost castles?

Dracula’s castle cannot be completed in a day. Things are a little easier if you have a tour guide. It is a good idea to consider the food before arriving here, as there is not much feedback from the travelers about the food available outside the fort. The fort is now run by a private group. This is also to promote tourism here. Getting to Bran from Romania is not that difficult. From Bucharest, you can reach Braze by train. City buses are available from Brazzaville to Brunei. It is best to visit Fort Braun in the spring. Travel to mysterious castle

Himeji Fort, Japan

Japan is famous for its haunted places. Himeji Fort is one such place. The fort is one of the greatest examples of Japanese architecture, dating back to 1333. Iowa Fort is located on the top of a hill in the city of Himeji in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan. It is the largest and most visited fort in Japan. In 1993, it was registered as one of the first UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country.

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In the past, a young woman named Okiku was killed inside the fort on charges of theft. It is said that the soul of Okiku, who died for a mistake he did not make, wanders here. This fort is a terrifying experience from the outside. Travel to mysterious castle

Fort Guard, Denmark

Denmark is a beautiful country. Does anyone remember that there are so many ghost stories in the beautiful alleys of Denmark that are full of sights for tourists to see? Fort Grand Castle in the Danish city of Drones land is a work of art with a dark past. Travel to mysterious castle

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Ingeborg Scheil, who built the fort in 1578, is said to have drowned its sculptor in a well so as not to do anything like that. At night, the ghost of the sculptor is seen wandering in the fort. Travel to mysterious castle

Leap Castle, Ireland

Leap Castle, an Irish castle built between the 13th and 15th centuries, is notorious for its bloody chapel. There are many bloody stories associated with Leap Fort. The O’Callaghan who lived here loved to poison their guests.

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There are many stories that so many people died, and that two brothers killed each other for power in the chapel of the fort, which is now known as the Bloody Chapel. Numerous human skeletons have also been found in the human prison here. Travel to mysterious castle

Fortress of Predjama, Slovenia

Predjama Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Slovenia. It is basically a cave fort. Predjama Fortress is located in the town of Predjama. Very easy to reach. Fortress Predjama was the family estate of Slovenian Robin Hood Knight Erasem. Iowa Fort is built on limestone rock.

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How such a fort was carved out of a limestone rock in the thirteenth century is still a mystery. The day goes by as usual, but even the staff at this museum
Will be out before sunset. Because it is believed that the spirit of Erasem, who was killed by his own followers, is wandering here. Home remedies 

Larnach Castle, New Zealand

Larnach Castle Palace was the residence of William Larnach, a local politician. Locals say Kate, the daughter of Larnach, who died of typhoid at the age of 26, was wandering around the castle. Once inhabited by human beings, this place has now become a haunted house. Travel to mysterious castle

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Houska Fort, Czech Republic

The story behind the construction of this fort is intimidating. The fort is located above a large hole in the ground called the Gate of Hell. The style of construction does not even make it look like a fort. People believe that many demons who enter the gates of hell are trapped inside the walls of the fort.

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Travel to mysterious castle

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