Drink a cup of coffee reduce liver disease research say

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Drink a cup of coffee, to reduce liver disease, researchers say.

Drinking a cup of coffee daily for a morning drink can reduce the risk of liver disease and other liver health conditions, according to a study. This finding is based on recent research from the UK.

A study published in the journal BMC Public Health on June 22 found that coffee drinkers had a 21 percent lower risk of liver disease and a 49 percent lower risk of liver disease. The observation was made in four coffee drinkers a day. This was more beneficial for those who drank ground coffee than for those who drank instant coffee. This study adds evidence that coffee is good for liver health.

Researchers are still studying how coffee can prevent liver disease. Coffee, a popular beverage, is still in doubt because of its anti-inflammatory or anti-fibrotic properties.

Coffee reduces the risk of liver disease

This is the result of an experiment conducted on 4,95,585 people over a period of ten years. Seventy-eight percent of the subjects consumed either caffeinated ground coffee, instant coffee or decaf coffee. 22% did not drink coffee. The subjects tested had 3,600 cases of chronic liver disease or stenosis in the liver, which results in an increase in liver fat. There were also 184 cases of hepatocellular carcinoma, a liver cancer.

The study found that coffee drinkers had a 21 percent lower risk of developing chronic liver disease and a 20 percent lower risk of fatty liver disease. Participants in the study after drinking coffee had a 49 percent lower risk of dying from chronic liver disease. The health benefits of caffeinated ground coffee were higher in those who drank it. Although instant coffee and decaf coffee have been linked to health benefits, ground coffee has had the greatest impact.

According to researchers, ground coffee contains the highest levels of caffeine and caffeine, two ingredients that are thought to protect against liver disease. Researchers say coffee can be used as an affordable and accessible way to reduce the risk of liver disease.

Although previous studies have shown that coffee consumption has been linked to a reduction in liver-related mortality in a large population, Yale Medicine Hepatologist and Yale School of Medicine Professor Dr. Joseph Lim said. “This study provides growing evidence that coffee is good for the liver,” said Dr. Yale, a hepatologist, clinical director of the Fatty Liver Disease Program and an associate professor at Yale University. Albert said.

Several studies have shown that coffee consumption is associated with decreased levels of liver enzymes. Often, high levels of liver enzymes are not a problem, but they can be a symptom of inflammation or inflammation in the liver. In 2016, it was proven that drinking coffee can help prevent liver problems caused by excessive consumption of certain foods and alcohol.

Researchers also say that coffee may have anti-inflammatory or anti-fibrotic properties, as well as other components that have not yet been identified. More research is needed on how coffee is made to improve health outcomes in people with liver problems. Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus.

How much coffee should you drink?

One to two cups of caffeinated coffee a day is recommended for people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. People who develop heartburn or gastrointestinal upset should drink coffee, depending on what they can tolerate. People with severe heart disease or high blood pressure should avoid excessive coffee if their condition worsens. Although coffee consumption can continue at current levels, it is not recommended to increase consumption with the aim of improving liver function, the study said.

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