Diseases can be diagnosed by looking at the nails

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Diseases can be diagnosed by looking at the nails.

Diseases can be diagnosed. Some indications given by the body may shed light on many health problems and ailments. One such issue is the structural changes that manifest in the nails, when there are difficulties with our health (Health Issues) and various diseases (Diseases) that the body itself can give indications in many ways. In general, each disease has its own set of symptoms.

The tip of the nails.

In healthy people, the tips of the nails should be crescent-shaped. If this is not the case then maybe it’s a concern with malnutrition, depression or anemia. Definitely see a doctor if you are always feeling tired, anxious and dizzy.

Yellow on the nails.

Usually the nails do not sit rough. It should be slightly reddish. But in some people it is seen in pale and yellow color. It may indicate a malfunction of the liver, kidneys, or heart, as well as anemia or malnutrition. It can also be part of chronic bronchitis, thyroid, lung disease, diabetes and psoriasis.

Stripes on the nails.

Some people have streaks on their nails for traditional reasons. It can be thin in the first stage and then get thicker with age. In addition, long and transverse lines on the nails can be a sign of psoriasis, arthritis, kidney disease and bone problems. Stripes across the nails are more of an issue. This may indicate kidney disease. Diseases can be diagnosed.

The nails are breaking.

Some people break their nails intermittently. This can happen as part of a thyroid or fungal infection. Excessive wetting and the use of chemicals (nail polish and nail polish remover are examples) can also cause nails to break frequently.

White dots on the nails.

Some people have white spots or streaks on their nails. It is high and indicates a deficiency of zinc and calcium. This is not a serious issue. But then the diet needs to be improved. Otherwise, there may be more difficulties in the future. Excessive white streaks or spots on the nails may be part of an allergy or fungal infection.

Black on the nails.

Usually black or black streaks appear on the nails as part of any kind of injury or all of their remnants. In some cases, it can also be a sign of cancer called ‘melanoma’. So if you notice this discoloration for a long time, be sure to see your doctor. Diseases can be diagnosed.

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