Aloe Vera; Itching when using, Here is the solution

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Itching when using aloe vera; Here is the solution

Consumption of aloe vera can cause discomfort and itching in some people. This discomfort is caused by the yellowish juice that comes out when the aloe vera leaf is cut. This is a kind of latex. It mixes with aloe vera juice and causes itching when used.

To separate the aloe vera leaf from the plant, keep the cut part facing down for 10–15 minutes. Also, aloe vera leaves can be washed well after being cut into small pieces. Latex is present on each side of the cut.

Aloe vera can also be washed after removing the useful part. All this will help to remove the latex as much as possible. Some people with sensitive skin may experience discomfort even after washing. In such a case it is better to avoid the use of aloe vera.

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