5 Signs That Your Pet Dog is Absolutely Healthy, And You Are a Good Pet Parent

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A pet dog is a man’s best friend and indeed having a pet around the house can change your life in ways unimagined. The animal does not know how to speak the language of humans, but they express through their body language and gestures how they feel, both emotionally and physically. There are some signs that will indicate whether your dog is doing well. There are various behavior giveaways that will tell you so. If these signs are missing then you must get your pet checked up once by a vet.

A Shiny, Clean Coat 

Dogs who are happy and healthy have shiny coat due to natural shedding. If your dog is often licking or scratching, it could be a sign of skin irritation or allergies. Pet dog health.

Pet Dog Weight 

Weight gain is a top concern among animal doctors. If your pet has a lean weight through the months, then it is a great sign that your dog is healthy. If not, then he/she needs a check-up.

Is your dog showing interest? 

Dogs are eager animals and if your pet is showing interest when you call their name and address them directly it is a good sign. If your dog is spending time alone or sleeping more suddenly than it is a sign of a health issue. Pet dog health.

Bowel movement

Dogs’ stools are an indicator of health issues. If stools are firm and free of parasites, it is a good sign. 

Eye contact

If your dog is maintaining eye contact with you, it is a good sign. Dogs also make eye contact as a way to check in with you and make sure you’re feeling as happy as they are. Pet dog health.

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